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Musings of a Queer Bear/Man

Glenn Scofield Williams
25 August 1960
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I'm Glenn Scofield Williams. I'm 51 years old, educated and queer. I live in Portland, Oregon.

I'm a published freelance writer of prose, poetry, plays, periodica and porn. I have written many articles for (the recently demised) Just Out, Oregon's queer newspaper). You can still access some of those articles at Just Out's website: www.justout.com.

I also have a brother blog named "Erotica by Mutantbearman" which features gay and bi erotica with an emphasis on the masculine vibe - bears, muscle, chubs, kink, groups, uniforms, etc. You can enjoy these (if you swing that way) at the weblink above.

You can also find me on bear411, biggercity, bruizr, bearwww and chubhub under the name Mutantbearman. I also have a Flickr page under the name glennwilliamspdx with lots of pics of myself, friends, National Parks and other fun shit.